Angklung For The World

  Today we made a history,today we break the world record.Today is "Angklung For The World Day" ,its part of 60th Asian African Conference event.We break the world record (And Also MURI record) because 20.000 people from the world (Indonesian especially) play angklung together,and we play "We Are The World"

American People Can Play Angklung Too
  Its not hard for me to play Angklung because i am a former Angklung player.Its little bit different when we play Angklung here,because the conductor use "Hand Gesture Code" rather than musical notes,i think because not everyone can read musical notes (its first time for 90% people here to play Angklung)

  Everyone can play Angkung,from Sabang to Merauke,African or Asian or maybe American.Young or old,man or woman.And Normal or "Special" .All Angklung performer here is from many and different generation.We all here for Angklung,for Indonesia

Halmahera Angklung with Paper Hand Gesture Code
  I already say to you we dont use musical notes here,so Angklung in here doesnt have a number from 1 to 30.We use simbolic name like Halmahera,Bali,Sumatra,Lombok,etc.I get a Halmahera Angklung,its D notes and the Code is Paper (Paper when we play Rock Paper Scissors),my friend get a Lombok Angklung and the code is Hand Gun Pistol.

  Why they use code ? That because the conductor can control you where you need shake your Angklung.For example when conductor hand is do Paper gesture,all people with Halmahera Angklung must shake and play their Angklung.

As Human we must help each other
I see a heart touching moment here,i see a "Special" student from disability school play Angklung and thats disability student is help one by one,i mean someone who is deaf help to push wheelchair of his friend,it make me proud of them.Because as human we not perfect and have weaknesses and strengths.But we must to cover a weakness of each other by our strenghts,believe me only god who doesnt have a weakness.I hope can i help other people too,i feel so useless if i can't help the other (Sorry i think this paragraph is hard to understand)

Ridwan Kamil (Mayor Of Bandung)
And I meet Bandung Mayor again,yes its Ridwan Kamil.Its my second time meet him.I think he is the funniest and smartest Mayor ever ! He always have a fresh joke to say to us.He come here with 3 Putri Indonesia,i dont like them when they come here because they wear to many makeup and dont look naturally.

Thats all i can tell you are,its complete version of #Ryandi PathBlog.Sorry for hard understanding language and I hope you dont get misunderstanding.English its not my primary language.Sorry if i do any mistake.Do you interested to visit Indonesia ? Come visit Bandung and Try play Angklung,the most versatile musical instrument in the world #VisitIndonesia2015

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