Jessica Jung Birthday and Catch Me If You Can

Happy Birthday to our ice queen Jessica Jung ! Altough you is in not Girls' Generation anymore,you'll always be part of it and will always be part part of my life.Thanks for make my life complete :') we miss you so much,we cant wait for your solo comeback ! Or maybe you can back to Girls' generation ? Who knows ?

Another news beside Jessica Birthday is Girls' Generation unveiled their new japanese single ! Its also come with korean version and B Track.This single name is "Catch Me If You Can" ,this upbeat song is so catchy and this song its about a girl want a boy who love her catch her and be her girlfriend (Umm maybe ??) and the girl is going to find her heart.

The B track title is "Girls" .This song is about a girls who has been gone.The lyrics is really touch our heart,make me sad when listening to this song.I think this song was made for jessica.Because jessica was kicked out from Girls' Generation when TTS comeback with "Holler" .Its really hurt anyone,its hurt Soshi,its hurt SM,and off course its really hurt us.

Do you still remember a power of 9 ? I think its will not gonna happen anymore,iam so hopeless jessica will to Girls' Generation.But i still dreaming thats miracle will happens.9 - 1 = 0

Back to "Catch me if you can" ,as 8 member group is new beginning for Girls' Generation.I dont like 8,but its better than 0 .I dont like to call it Girls' Generation or SNSD anymore,its like a sub-unit without jessica for me ( I cant move on sorry T.T ) .Its good combination,its equal ( 4 = 4).And dance line gets more lines,i like it.

At least,Life must go on.Past its just a past.You cant never comeback to past.You need to build your life again and face the future.Thats what SNSD need,they are in bottom now,they need us to keep support them.They need to be a 1 Girls Group in the world again ! And i will support SNSD forever in every condition,cause i am Forever SONE ! And SNSD Biggest fans !

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