Tidung Trip Tips

Do you want visit Tidung Island on next holiday ? I will give you some tips:

1.Choose travel company you trust
2.You need basic bicycle skill if you dont want to walk all time in this island.It cost Rp 2000 / 0.15 US $ to rent one bike.
3.There is no supermarket here,so bring anything you need for your vacation before go to island
4.Only 2 transportation can reach island,Tradisional boat or speedboat.You cant go to island with helicopter (no helipad here)
5.Almost all food here is lack of salt
6.Dont forget to use sunblock when you go to the beach (Except you want sunbathing)
7.No recommeded use less clothes here
8.Dont be shy to ask someone
9.If you go snorkeling,bring a drink with you its help reduce after snorkeling effect
 10.Snorkeling will be easy if you have swimming skill

Ok i think thats all,have a nice trip at Tidung Island.You must see how beautiful is Indonesia.You will get the experience thats you never gets before. #VisitIndonesia2015

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