Taking Part in Indonesia Regional Election

27th June 2018 is a historical day for me and Indonesia because it was my first time taking part in Indonesia Regional Election. I got my legal age 2 years ago, but there is no election in past 2 years. Legal age is one of the requirements to join an Election, the other one is Indonesia citizenship and has an ID card (KTP).

We choose a governor and mayor for this Regional Election. I live in Bandung, so I choose a governor for Jawa Barat and Mayor of Bandung. Actually, I am a type of person that not really into politics, I barely know the candidates of the election. I know some people like Ridwan Kamil, Deddy Mizwar, and Oded M Danial, but I don't have any idea about the rest.

To give your vote in a regional election, first, you must go to Tempat Pemungutan Suara (Voting Place). Second, validate your data by showing your ID card to the election committee, make sure your name was registered in that voting place. Third, wait until your name is called and then the committee will give you the election paper. Don’t forget to check your paper, if there any flaw you can exchange it with the new one. Fourth, go to the voting booth and give your vote there. There is a sharp object inside the booth, what you have to do is stab the photo or number on the candidates of your choice. Fifth, fold the paper and put it inside the box. Sixth, dip one of your fingers in the purple ink, it's a sign that you have already given your vote on election.

Giving a vote in a regional election is very simple. As a good Indonesia citizen, I am proud that I can do my obligation, giving a vote in the election. For anyone that would win the regional Election, I hope he/she can make Bandung become a better city, and Jawa Barat becomes a better province. Let's make Indonesia great again!

Sorry if there any grammar mistakes.
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